Welcome to Makakilo
"Observing Eyes"


Located just south of the Waianae mountain range, Makakilo offers its residents with one of the most enviable views of the Pacific Ocean and Ewa Beach. Makakilo is also situated at a slightly higher elevation (580-1180 feet ASL) than its surrounding communities, offering cooler temperatures and breezier conditions.

Since 1959, Makakilo has made a variety of homes available to its residents: slightly older and less expensive residences, brand-new single-family homes, luxurious lodgings and beautiful townhomes. Schuler Homes is only one of the developers that are building well-designed newer Makakilo homes.

Makakilo, in Hawaiian, means "observing eyes". In 2019, the total population of Makakilo was 19,775: 48.77% male, 51.23% female. The median household income in 2019 was $113,244, significantly higher than the national average. The median home value in 2021 was $925,000. The average travel time to work was 35 minutes, higher than the national average of 26 minutes.

Overlooking Makakilo real estate.